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Waga bezprzewodowa Fieldpiece SRS2C

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  • Weighing refrigerant cylinders, fire extinguishers, CO2 cylinders, packages and all other components.


Fieldpiece SRS2C is a wireless scale designed especially for precise weighing of refrigerant cylinders, as well as CO2, gas, packages and other items weighing up to 100 kg. It is the first scale on the market dedicated directly to the cylinder with such a durable construction, and at the same time a handy device, thanks to the release from the need to connect cables. The convenience of using the SRS2C scale is further enhanced by equipping it with a remote control with a readable screen and a 10-meter range. It is stored in the bottom of the platform base, and when working with the scale it can be magnetically attached, which allows you to keep your hands free.

Made of durable aluminum, the scale has a rubber platform surface with a diamond pattern and inwardly profiled edges, which ensures the stability of the cylinders being set. In addition, the corners of the balance are encapsulated with protective rubber that absorbs shocks. Along with the scale and remote control, the user receives an aesthetic and practical bag (model ANC9) developed just for the scale.

The blue screen of the remote control shows useful information. In the first place, of course, the value of the measurement, expressed in two lines in kilograms and grams or in pounds and ounces. In addition, the display indicates the signal strength between the platform and the remote control, the battery level in both modules, and possibly the active automatic switch off function after 15 minutes (without losing the weight measurement). The batteries have an extremely long life, 100 hours for weight and 80 hours for the remote control.

Device characteristics:

  • wireless communication between the scale platform and the remote control (elimination of cumbersome cables).
  • remote control conveniently and securely stored in the platform base.
  • platform made of strong aluminum covered with rubber corners is strong enough to be used in working conditions.
  • non-slip rubber padding on the platform ensures stability of the factor cylinders placed on the scale.
  • easy synchronization of the balance with the remote control (single button).
  • a highly precise sensor that allows you to weigh objects weighing just a quarter ounce (7 g).
  • magnetic plate that has a remote control-display allows you to place it in a convenient place, so we keep freedom of movement (hands remain free).
  • tare the scale using the remote control.
  • the values ​​adopted during the calibration are remembered and function whenever the device is restarted.
  • automatic switching off the device after 15 minutes of inactivity (auto power off - APO) allows you to save battery power (in addition, the balance goes into standby mode when the remote control is turned off).
  • the battery level of the balance battery and the remote control battery are always visible on the display, as well as the signal strength between both devices.
  • a handy and aesthetic nylon bag with shoulder strap and three pockets for a weight platform.


wireless scale SRS2C (platform + remote control), reinforced nylon bag with belt 9-volt remote control battery (fitted) 6 AA batteries for the platform (fitted), user manual.
  • operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C / humidity RH: up to 75%;
  • storage temperature: -20°C to 60°C / humidity RH: 0 to 80% with battery removed;
  • accuracy: ±0.03% of the value + 10g with a weight of 0 to 30kg, ±0.05% of the value + 10g with a weight of 30 to 100kg;
  • resolution: 10 g;
  • temperature coefficient: 0.1 x (assumed accuracy) for every °F;
  • working range of the pilot: 10 meters;
  • maximum weighted weight: 100 kg;
  • power supply: remote control (standard 6-volt 6LR61 alkaline battery), platform (6 AA batteries);
  • battery life: remote control (80 hours), platform (100 hours);
  • weight: 3.2 kg (remote control + platform).