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Compressor Danfoss Secop SC10CLX [104L2533] R-404a/R-507 [195B0151] HST

556.00 PLN (tax excl.)

Hermetic compressor Danfoss SC10CLX [104L2533/195B0151] R-134a with HST


laboratory and medical equipment
compressed air dryers
glass door merchandisers
display cabinets
freezers and fridge
ice cream cabinets
vending machines
drinks dispensers
ice making machines
bottle coolers
heat pumps
milk cooling tanks
wine cellars


piston hermetic compressor for R404a R507 refrigerant

Item Specifics:

code number:    104L2533
approvals:    EN 60335-2-34, UL984
application:    LBP/MBP
frequency:    50/60 Hz
evaporating temperature:    -35°C to 5°C/50Hz, -35°C to -5°C/60Hz
voltage range:    198-254 V
motor type:    CSIR
LRA    HST | LST:    14,8 A
resistance main winding:    5 Ω
resistance start winding:    13,7 Ω
displacement:    10,29 cm 3
oil quantity:    550 cm 3
oil type:    polyester
max refrigerant charge:    1300 g
net weight:    13,1 kg
height:    209mm
suction connector:    8,2 mm
process connection:    6,2 mm
discharge connection:    6,2 mm


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