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COIL DISINFECTANT Europe Rectorseal - disinfectant, cleaner and air freshener (1 l)

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  • Disinfects (destroys bacteria, fungi and mold), cleans and freshens air
  • For evaporators and draining trays air conditioners, heat pumps, ventilation ducts, air filter equipment, all surfaces of stainless steel, plastic, metal, wood, ceramic and enamel surfaces
  • It can be used for surfaces in contact with food

Universal means of disinfecting, cleaning and deodorising. It kills pathogenic bacteria and fungi. It destroys and inhibits the growth of mold and associated odors. Prevents allergies and infections caused by microorganisms contaminated air and pleasant scent refreshes indoor air.
Coil Disinfectant is registered as a biocidal product whose effectiveness is confirmed by microbiological testing. It has a broad spectrum of activity and is safe to use because it does not contain ingredients harmful to human health.
Provides fast and effective disinfection of surfaces for bacteria Legionella pneumophila , Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Pseudomonas), Escherichia coli (Escherichia coli), Enterococcus Hira (streptococcus fecal) and for mushrooms Aspergillus niger (Aspergillus black) and Candida albicans. They are also the most frequently occurring microorganisms in air conditioning systems, responsible for many different diseases and conditions, including very dangerous for life "Legionnaires' disease".
It is used not only for air conditioning but almost all equipment and surfaces, including walls and floors. It can be used for surfaces that come into contact with food. Broad spectrum of activity combined with an almost unlimited range of applications make Coil Disinfectant is ideal for use in, among others, in homes, offices, cars, kindergartens and nurseries, restaurants, hotels, factories, training rooms, medical and dental offices, changing rooms, changing rooms, showers and many other places. It provides outstanding performance and its versatile and quick action saves time and effort.

  • Ready to use liquid
  • Packaging: a bottle with a sprayer with a capacity of 1 l

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