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Wziernik cieczy CT802-06 lutowane 3/8 "

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CT802 S sight glass (3/8" solder connection)
  • To observe the state of the refrigerant in the liquid line installation.
  • To control the moisture content in the refrigerant.
  • To control the flow of oil in the return lines of the oil separator.

Sight glasses are equipped with an indicator that changes color depending on the moisture content in refrigerant in the refrigerant.
Sight glasses can be used with current transitional and target refrigerants.

  • refrigerant: HFC and HCFC
  • connection solder: 3/8"
  • indicates too high water content in the refrigeration system
  • indicates lack of subcooling
  • indicates refrigerant deficiency
  • ambient temperature range: -50oC to 80oC
  • maximum operating pressure: PB = 35 bar

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