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Zestaw manometrów 2 - zaworowy 3 x 180cm Shine Year CH-M72G-410C (R410A)

565.00 PLN (tax excl.)


  • fast and precise regulation of the refrigerant flow thanks to the use of ball valves (complete closing / opening of the valve requires only 90° rotation)
  • slightly turning the valve knob even under high pressure
  • quick identification whether the valve is open or closed based on the position of the knob
  • 1/4 SAE connectors
  • the set consists of: a set of manometers, 3 hoses, covers for manometers, quick couplings, plastic case
  • sets of pressure gauges are screwed to the case to eliminate vibrations (the design of the case eliminates the need to remove them).
  • Pressure gauge scale: R410A
  • Units: oC, oF, Bar, PSI
  • Hoses: 3 pieces, 180 cm long

Data sheet

Shine Year
Ilość zaworów
rodzaj wężów
3 x 180 cm